Developed over the past 7 years to simply provide the best tasting energy drink on the market

Rich Energy is a premium and innovative British energy drink developed and optimised over the last 6 years alongside leading beverage experts and recently launched in the UK and US. The sole objective was to create a peerless, ultra high quality and high performance energy drink with a crisp clean taste.


Rich Energy performs as a brilliant stand alone premium tasting energy drink or as a mixer. Ingredients range from pure mineral water with optimal composition from a natural Alpine spring to luxury organic sugar cane and the best sources of energy available. 

Rich energy has the highest available certification in the EU and US and the lowest sugar content possible whilst still delivering genuine energy performance.

Rich Energy has a growing wealth of high profile brand ambassadors from the sports and extreme sports world along with partnerships and sponsorships of the worlds
coolest events.

The Lost Rivers Brewing Company is very proud to bring the experience of the UK’s premium energy drink to the market. It is already gaining distribution via Waitrose and Harrods and is also exported to 30 countries globally as the premium energy drink alternative.

This journey is beginning and we want to link-in with distribution partners who share our passion for Rich Energy and commitment to making it the best it can be.