We are thrilled to be an exclusive supplier of La Chouette Cider. A French Cider, La Chouette is crafted from various cider apple varieties and offers a fruity flavour, which is slightly tart and fizzy with a bitter finish giving La Chouette a complex and balanced flavour profile.


As a traditional ‘Cidre’, La Chouetter is a pure apple cider, which preserves the natural aromas and colours of apples. It contains no added sugar, only the natural sugar from the apples and has no trace of gluten. Best served chilled at 8°C, La Chouette is an easy to drink semi-sweet cider, with a natural sweetness and noble organoleptic properties. It exudes a glorious shiny golden colour with caramel hues and evokes an elegant aroma of floral and fruity notes.

•    100% Fresh pressed Normandy apples
•    No concentrates or added flavours or colours
•    No added sugar and gluten Free
•    Premium branded Glassware and point of sale available
•    Brand training available
•    Best served chilled at 8°C, no ice preferably